Professional Tandem Flights
and Instruction

Our Exciting Tandems are available with appropriate weather conditions. Morning flights are accessible by public road and spectators are welcome.

Pre-Paid Gift Certificates are available

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Morning Tandem Flights
$235 per person

Bellyache Ridge Site

Healthy and Fit 70 to 210 lbs
10 to 15+ minute flight times
An Hour + with travel to launch site, introduction, waiting for your turn to launch.

Appropriate for larger groups with multiple rounds.

All while enjoying spectacular views of
the Vail Valley.

Spectators welcome!
Accessible by public roads

$325 per Person


Healthy and Fit 90 to 240 lbs
Flights last from 45 minutes +
Allow several hours turnaround
Warm airtight clothing, sunglasses, sunscreen recommended

Weather Dependent - Four wheel drive road access requires availability of appropriate 4x4 transportation. Limited number of spectators can be accommodated unless they can agree to drive vehicles back down the mountain after their party's flight has already begun or they agree to drive their own appropriate 4x4 vehicle.