Instructional Tandem Paragliding Adventures
No Experience Necessary - Fly Tandem with the BEST  !!!
You too can get a bird's eye view of the Vail Valley !!!

What better Professionals to take you up for your first
Tandem Paragliding Adventure than the Certified Tandem
Paragliding Instructors of Vail Valley Paragliding. Let us
share our Passion for flight with you!

What better location to fly than in the beautiful World Class
Vail Valley, Colorado, home of renowned Vail and Beaver
Creek Resorts.

Your safety comes first as we ease you into the air as you
run along with one of our Tandem Instructors who will do
all the flying for you, while you sit back and enjoy the ride,
take in the views and take photos.  Our pilots fly with
digital cameras and believe that documenting your
experience makes for invaluable memories.

Check out the video below of a typical tandem paraglider
launch then call to book your adventure TODAY!!!
Vail Valley Paragliding LLC
P.O. Box 246
Avon, Colorado 81620
(970) 845-7321
Vail Valley Paragliding LLC
P.O. Box 246
Avon, Colorado 81620
(970) 845-7321
READY ???  
Three, Two,
One, GO....
Run, Run,
CALL TODAY !!!  (970) 845-7321
Vail Valley Paragliding
"All you need is desire!!!"
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(970) 904-7321

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Local Denver Line:
(303) 719-2123
Instructional Tandem Paragliding Adventures
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Click for Avon, Colorado Forecast
Click for Avon, Colorado Forecast
Vail Valley Paragliding
"All you need is desire!!!"
"All or part of this operation is conducted on Public Lands under a special permit
from the U.S. Bureau of Land Management"
"Paragliding is a beautiful sport, and we are so fortunate to be able do it in a majestic and breathetakingly beautiful surroundings
and further to share it with others through instructional tandem flights. We also welcome spectators to come and watch.
Paragliding is also very dependent on the weather. Our morning site provides usually consistent conditions, and through years of
conducting business at this location, we have a well-planned schedule for our guests. We monitor weather projections throughout
each day so that we can anticipate when the weather will not be favorable for our tandem flights. In these situations, we
reschedule when possible so that our guests can maximize their vacation time. But unfortunately weather forecasts are not always
correct in this mountain area, and sometimes despite all of our efforts, guests may have to wait longer than anticipated for their
flights, or flights may have to be cancelled. While we would prefer not to do this, it is our primary responsibility to make decisions
that ensure the safety of our guests and pilots and we will continue to do so. Most guests are quite understanding and appreciative
when this happens, even if it means that they have to come back another day or on their next visit."
Year 'round Tandem Flights Available
To View our Video on YOUTUBE  CLICK HERE !!!
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